Do you want to rent out a house in Dordrecht?

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Do you want to rent out a house in Dordrecht?
Expats Dordrecht will help you with this.  

Of course this is an important step and you do not trust everyone in your lovely house. Expat rentals is a good option: expats are trustworthy tenants who are always looking for suitable housing space, maybe yours. You can think of a few things yourself when entering a rental period. Expats Dordrecht gives you some tips.

Renting out to expats? What to think about?

  • Calculate the total costs of renting out your house. This way you have an indication of what is needed in terms of the rental price.
  • Compare the rental price with the costs you have and see if you are happy with this.
  • Estimate the rental price. We estimate the price by a point system of your house.
  • Think of what kind of tenant you would like to see in your home. A single person or a family?
  • Do you want to rent out your home furnished or unfurnished? Furnished houses are often wanted by expats.
  • Keep in mind the rules and regulations when renting out a house. Expats Dordrecht will tell you all about these laws and regulations.
  • What do you want to do about the property management? Will you do it yourself or hand it over to a company? Expats Dordrecht offers financial and technical property management.


Of course the asking price was already determind by you and your rental broker. He or she already provide you with professional advice and now there are interested parties for your property! That is when we start to negotiate.

Expats Dordrecht shall conduct the negotiations on your behalf and ensure that you get the best rental price shown at the time for your property!

Do you want to rent out your property? It is highly recommended that you require a rental broker. Expatsbroker are happy to help!

We work on basis of No Cure No Pay policy. In addition we provide you with an experienced broker to value your property!

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Of course your property needs to be brought to the attention: In order to maximise the chances for a successful rental.

Expats Dordrecht carries out extensive marketing strategy for your house.

Our rental broker has experience and knowledge in the field of local housing markets and knows exactly which marketing tools is needed for your property.


If the negotiations have been completed,  a rental agreement should be established: Your property has been rented out!

On your behalf Expats Dordrecht always established these agreement in legal terms to avoid a later appeal to the courts.

It is important, however, to act quickly so nothing goes wrong after tenants commitment.  Your rental broker will also be present at the notary and provide you with a delivery inspection at your property.

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