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About Expats Dordrecht

Expats Dordrecht is a real estate rental agent in Dordrecht and surrounding places.
We are specialized in renting out houses to Expats. Our real estate agents are experienced and have a lot of knowledge about the local housing market. A suitable expat tenant is therefore found easily! Do you want to find the right tenant, safe and without worries? Call in our help.

Why Expat rental?

Expats are foreign employees who are hired by a Dutch company, usually for a certain period of time. This makes it an interesting target group for renting out your house;

Expats often receive a high income and are interested in houses in the more expensive segment.

Expats Dordrecht will act as your real estate agent and negotiates for you. Temporary lease is a good choice when you go on a trip or have a house available for rent for another reason.

Thanks to Expats Dordrecht you will receive rent income and cover double payables.

What does Expats Dordrecht do for you?

Expats Dordrecht helps you during the entire rental process, from beginning to end. First it is important to find the right tenant. That is why we present your home on different online channels: marketing is an important aspect of our strategy.

Expats Dordrecht also has a network of companies who search housing for expats.

Have we found the right tenant? Than Expats Dordrecht will construct a tight contract and inspect the house. We also offer financial and technical property management.

Are you an expat and in search of a property?  Expatsdordrecht will gladly help you in your search for the perfect house in Dordrecht and surroundings. 

We can also help you in renting out your property. This applies to Expats and Dutch spoken tenants.

We are happy to help:  please feel free to contact us for more information.

Fill in the contactform for more questions. For more information visit the website ExpatsMakelaar.nl